Developing Youth through Music

We are so much more than just a music group!




Our Calgary Fiddlers mentorship program allows our senior students to work with, lead and inspire our younger students throughout the year.


CFA Mandate: To preserve, promote and perform all types of fiddling, with a particular emphasis on Canadian styles.




Building confidence through our group performance format, students learn to engage the audience, speak in front of a crowd as they introduce repertoire, as well as staging skills through choreography.


CFA Mission: Through the art of Canadian fiddle music, we motivate, educate, and inspire children to develop musically and socially.


LIFE skills

The discipline of learning a musical instrument coupled with the interpersonal skills of working as a team and touring locally and internationally, give our students the experiences that will help them succeed in any career they may choose.


CFA Vision: To develop life skills in our young students such as leadership, confidence, discipline, and time management, and an appreciation for the Canadian heritage of folk fiddling; all acquired with exposure to local and international performance experiences, while promoting and preserving the art of fiddle music.