How Can You Help?

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Financial Bursaries: Support a fiddler in need!

550-$2000 can help one of students pay for a whole year of fiddle programming (group rehearsals, one-on-one coaching, 2 fiddle camps, costumes and photo keepsake).

Each year, we have students whose families are unable to meet the financial commitment of being in our program due to job loss, illness, work-related accidents and family separation/divorce. Your donation can help to make a child's dream to fiddle, come true!


Donations: for costs associated with running our program:

  • New arrangements - $1000 helps hire professionals to create one new fiddle tune yearly.

  • Uniform expenses - $2500 helps make new outfits and maintain older ones each year.

  • Guest clinicians - $3000 can help us to bring in several guest clinicians each year.

  • Concert venue rentals - $5,400 can help us to rent concert venues for one year.

  • Vehicle costs - $10,000 can help with all vehicle costs each year.

  • Vehicle costs - $11,000 can help pay off our gear van loan.

  • Rehearsal space rental - $11,025 can help us to rent rehearsal space for one year.

  • Sound gear upgrades - $20,500 can help us to upgrade our old sound gear.

  • Teaching costs - $60,000 helps pay for rehearsals and individual teaching for a full year.

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Event/Program Sponsorships: For as little as $1000, you could help sponsor a concert, Community Performance or special event.

We would love to have more corporate sponsors who wish to support a cultural, youth, arts organization who provides fun-filled, well-attended musical events, and provides impactful and interactive outreach programs to the community such as Healing Through Music and Spread Fiddle Music.

Other ways you may help:

In-Kind Donations: Each year we hold a Fiddle Art Auction to help raise money towards our Tour Fund and our Legacy Fund. Local artists kindly donate their time to create amazing fiddle art pieces. We are always looking for new artists to showcase and old unplayable fiddle donations. In addition, we would welcome in-kind donations of services for web design and IT support.

Volunteers: Each year we need more than 100 volunteers who dedicate approximately 1,500 hours of time each year to help with events and workshops. Volunteers are essential to our operation. With hundreds of performances each year, we couldn't succeed without you!

Board Members: We are always accepting applications from individuals passionate about youth, music and the arts. Our board members bring legal, fundraising, marketing, business and financial strengths to the table and are dedicated to finding new sources of funding for our organization. Our members also ensure strong governance so we may continue to make strong contributions to youth music development and to the local arts community as a whole.

To more information please call 403-257-4666.

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