Emerging Young Artists

SOLD Art Fiddles

The following Art Fiddles were auctioned off at various events throughout the 2018-2019 season!


Mannsham Malhi

Inspiration: Gears

My violin is based around the concept of gears and how music in our generation is mechanical. We make our music with mostly electronics now and it is kinda ironic making this type of statement on such a classical instrument made of wood.


Ruby Jackson

Inspiration: Reaching for the Stars

I can see the child who used to play this violin, slowly learning how to make a beautiful sound and working hard for their dream. My violin represents this, reaching for the stars and making something lovely through the mistakes and bumps.


Jennie Harluk

Inspiration: Home

The city, where I occasionally venture to. The foothills, where I’ve grown up among fields and hay bales. As well as the mountains, that tell me I’m home. These three landscapes symbolize certain aspects of my life and so I decided to do Calgary as I experience it.


Brooklyn Babcock

Inspiration: Illusion

I love the idea of an “illusion”. Having to take a double take at something always intrigued me. When your mind begins to play tricks on you, then you begin to look at things with more beauty and perception. I painted this piece because I love the idea of not only wanting to understand something but needing to.


Michaela Cacic

Inspiration: Hidden Mysteries of Geodes

I have enjoyed art since I was a kid. When I’m not doing art I’m playing club volleyball with the Canucks or doing my Chemistry homework.


Taylor Joerissen

Inspiration: Four Seasons

I decided to create a literal depiction of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Arguably the most iconic concert of all time. Each concerto differs from the others but each is heavily influenced by the use of violins. One foundation, four interpretations.


Natalie Champagne

Inspiration: Happy Christmas

The inspiration behind my violin was the lack of happiness I saw around me. When I typed in “painted violin” on the internet all that came up was deep profound pieces that didn’t reflect who I am. So I chose to make my violin as bright as possible. Adding vibrant colors and happy patterns.


Simone Duttchen 

Inspiration: Life is a Hoot

I am so thankful that I have a grandmother who not only painted an art fiddle but also even helped me paint one. I painted it because I am a member of the Bow Valley Fiddlers, part of the Calgary Fiddlers Association and I love creating art. Also I wanted to be like my grandmother.


Jennifer Kinniburgh and Jenna Green  

Inspiration: Calgary’s Seasons

Jenna and Jenni wanted to showcase their unique styles by working on the same image of Calgary in two different styles. They chose to represent two seasons of the year in order to make each style more unique.


Emma Dicken  

School: Joane Cardinal-Schubert School


Rebecca Clayton  

School: Joane Cardinal-Schubert School