2017-2018 Art Fiddles


A few short years ago our dear friend (and dedicated Board Member), Leslie Gotfrit, dreamed up a fundraising initiative that has since become a favourite with musicians and artists alike.  Old, unplayable violins are donated by violin shops in Calgary and are given new life by local artists who transform them into beautiful pieces of art.  These amazing Art Fiddles are displayed at various events in and around Calgary and are auctioned off each spring at the Calgary Fiddlers annual Sweet on Fiddlin' show.  All funds raised from this initiative go towards enhancing the Calgary Fiddlers Association's educational programs, the Legacy Fund and Tour Fund.

Special thanks to Nicole Ely-Joshi for the beautiful Fiddle/Cello Art photos!

Larapio (Violin) - $980


Inspiration for this piece:  My equine muse is Larapio a noble Lusitano Stallion from Barbier Farms.  I had an opportunity to photograph him playing at Liberty in California. A heart and soul Portuguese horse, the violin is a tribute to him in his elder years.

Taking on this project, I realized the violin carried a special vibration.  It was fun to speak to it in a 2-D language with paint and brush!  With a playful use of light and colour, the movement of the horse was translated onto the violin.  The magic of horses and music merge together. A delightful experience!

Artist Bio:  Williams has a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and has been teaching art and photography to high school students and painting for over 30 years.  During that time she continued to refine her artistic skills at the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Vancouver Academy of Art and Sacramento's School of Light and Color.

Williams' work pulses with energy, colour and light.  Her true fascination is the dance between the human and the horse which stands as the inspiration behind the movement and playfulness of each piece.

Her adventures have led her to the wild horses of Sable Island near Nova Scotia, and recently to the wetlands of the Camargue with the semi-feral horses in southern France.  "Through my lens and brush, I paint to show the horse's spirit...so the viewer can glimpse the horse as soul".



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