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SUMMER Special ($5.00 off)                                            

A mix of Calgary Fiddlers and Bow Valley Fiddlers Repertoire is presented in 68 pages. This coil bound book is sure to please everyone that enjoys fiddle music.

Wild Rosin - Smokin' hot fiddle tunes for the intermediate to advanced player Book 2 with CD is expected to take the fiddle world by storm. The accompanying CD has violin and keyboard as a practice tool.

A few of the many songs included are:

 - Gold Rush Medley
 - DNA Bourees
 - Spey in Spate Medley
 - Air Tune Medley
 - Bill Cheatham
 - The Lover's Waltz
 - Finnigan's Zapateado

            All this for only $30 until the end of August!!



Quantity discounts are available if purchasing 5 or more books, please contact.

Follow up books are currently in production:  

Wild Rosin Fiddle Book 3 for the Advanced Player - COMING THIS FALL!

Wild Rosin Fiddle Book 1 for the Junior to Intermediate Player 



Recorded in the summer of 2009, this new Calgary Fiddlers CD has it all! Firey fiddlin' that is sure to get your toes tapping with the sounds of old tyme, big band, traditional Canadian fiddling and even celtic music!

  1. Lil' Jack
  2. Finnigan's Zapedeato
  3. Tico Tico
  4. Willow Springs
  5. DNA Bouree Medley
  6. Choctaw
  7. American Wake
  8. Rainbow Connection
  9. Kansas City Kitty
  10. Air Tune - Bow Valley Teens
  11. Calgary Wild Cats
  12. In the Mood
  13. The Bird Medley
  14. Pernod Waltz Medley - Bow Valley Seniors
  15. Natalie's Jigs
  16. Remembering Norm
  17. MacArthur's Dream




You may have heard the Calgary Fiddlers, but seeing them in action makes this DVD a must for any fiddle fan, young or old! On our very first music video, you can watch The Calgary Fiddlers perform some of our favorite tunes and see the diverse and energetic performance they present at your command.


    Click on picture to see a clip from 'Reel to Real'      






This fun CD has some of our favourite pieces on it.  We think you'll absolutely love it!

  1.  Bill Cheatum
  2.  Up Jump Jig
  3.  Eighth of January
  4.  The White Cliffs of Dover
  5.  Catharsis
  6.  Be Flat!
  7.  Festival Waltz
  8.  Scott Aaron
  9.  Gold Rush
10.  Georgiana Moon
11.  King of the Road
12.  Gravel Walk
13.  Edelweiss

 ....AND MORE!




CD - WILD ROSIN (Limited Edition)

This 25th Anniversary masterpiece has 21 of our most beloved tunes from Alberta and beyond!

  1.  Wild Calgary Fiddlers Rag
  2.  San Antonio Rose
  3.  Blackfoot Jam
  4.  Skye Boat Song
  5.  Yellow Bird
  6.  Lover's Waltz
  7.  The Cat
  8.  Maple Leaf Rag
  9.  Pia Senza
10.  Lime Rock
11.  Scott Aaron
12.  Sally Anne
13.  Orange Blossom Special

 ....AND MORE!


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