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Fan: $10 - $999

Aeolian Strings Ltd.
Anonymous (2)
Lloyd and Carol Andreson
Nolana Baillargeon
Dr. Fred Baker
Yvette Baker
Margaret Balzun
Mary-Anne Bearisto
Guillaume Bedard
Amy and Jan Bidrman
David and Cathleen Bloxham
Eileen Brierley
Chris Chorney
Liam and Mary Christie
Michael Crothers
Donald and Karol Dabbs
Diamond Management
Mike and Deb Dever
Esprit Energy Group
Robert Evans
Flegel Resources
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Kathy Gallivan
Janet Graham
Indus Graphics
Harold Griffin
Gerald Groves
L. Grummelt
Helga Guenther
Rob Haag
Elaine Halter
Gaye Harden
Nicole Heard
Dr. G. Melville Jones
Mildred Jowsey
Jerome and Linnea Keizer
Beverley and Edward Kissinger
Maryann Kissinger
Mary Korenda
Brianand Mary Loe
Vic and Barbara Luhowy
Robert M. MacDonald
John J. Marshall
Freeman and Margaret Maxwell
Mark McKenna
Kevin and Denise McLeod
Daniel Mercier and Karen Foster
Doug and Georgina Normandin
O.J. Electrical Contractors Ltd.
Michael O'Reilly
Steve Orasheski
Rita Pankotay
Pengrowth Energy Corporation
Bob Pritchard
Gillian Rowan
Rom Ruta
Valerie Seaman
Dwayne and Valerie Schmidt
Manford Schmidt & Angela Bond
Alvin and Gisele Schreiner
Dorothy Shields
Mark Simpson
Robin Slotboom
William and Kerry Smith
Geri Spring
Myrtle Sproule
David Stewart
Dean and Donna Suggett
Margaret Traboulsi
Ralph and Beth Whenham
Rolf Wiedward
V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd.
Wilder et Davis Luthiers Inc.

Wolverton Securities







Friend: $1,000 - $4,999

Charlene Bearden
Beverley A. Bell-Clark
Allan and Joanne Birce
Peter Bulkowski
Burnswest Corporation
Kevin Dickson
John and Laurie Evans-Whitley
Murray Flegel
Dick and Lois Haskayne
Craig and Yin Hoskins
John and Christine Hughton
Andrew and Sharisse Kyle
Gilles and Colleen Lecocq
Kim and Jennifer Leong
Anne and Ron Lingwood
Mel Linn
Gail Molson
Alan and Elizabeth Norris
Marshall Ouellet and Jackie Baker
Robert and Jeannette Romeril
Richard and Michelle Rowan
Dane and Anne Sinclair
Mouhieddin and Marg Traboulsi
Julia Ann Turnbull




Supporter: $5,000 - $9,999

Bill & Janice Dickson



Patron: $10,000 - $24,999



Benefactor: $25,000 - $49,999




 Enthusiast: $50,000 and up






The following agencies have supported and funded the efforts of The Calgary Fiddlers Association